10PCS 7CM Random Color Squishy Coconut Cream Donuts Fridge Magnet Cream Scented


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10PCS 7CM Random Color Squishy Coconut Cream Donuts Fridge Magnet Cream Scented 

1.Made of high quality elastic PU material, light weight and durable.
2.You can enjoy punching or pinching it,it can restore the original state.
3.Can be use as phone charms, key chain straps, bag/car straps /toys and so on.
4.Show out your wonderful aesthetic and taste.
Color: Random
Material: PU(polyurethane)
Size: Approx. 70mm(dia)x30mm(heigh)
Pattern: Coconut Cream Donuts
Package Included:
10 x Coconut Cream Donuts