10Pcs Morgan Queen Coin Old Commemorative Coin Imitation Foreign Currency


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Morgan Queen coin is a commemorative coins, they are the  imitation of  foreign currency,suits for collection.
The imitation coins are use for collections, none of the coins are original. We only want to make your collections more perfect.
Some of them were do a thick old blackish point, and some were do yellowish, weighing more than 26 grams.
The Year on the coin is not uniform, please don' t mind it before ordering.
This is a deliberate imitation coins that we do it old and dirty, but if you wash them , it may lacks antique charm .

Features & details:
Material: Copper-nickel alloy
Diameter: 3.88cm
Thickness: 0.27 cm
Quantity: 10Pcs

Package included:
10Pcs x Imitation Queen Morgan Coin