5PCS Fishing Metal Lure Treble Hook Crankbait Spinner Bass Bait


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Weight:7g, 10g
Flat Size: 7g-39mm/1.5in  10g-46mm/1.8in
Bent Size: 7g-51mm/2.0in  10g-53mm/2.1in

Using the special design, It is recommended to use it with rotation ring
Best target fish, the main fishing: horses mouth, IOUs,
Alice mouth bass, blackfish, mandarin fish, red tail, bambusa fish
Anti-corrosion configure VMC three hooks, more penetration,
more sharp, not easily deformed, but less prone to brittle fracture,
the face of the big fish did not need to fear !
Appearance of anti-rust coating, greatly reducing the possibility of corrosion
With spiral sequins, dragging pieces of their own body rotation, wide-angle reflectors, greatly enhancing the allure of fish.

Package included:
5 x Fishing Spoon Lure(2pcs 7g,3pcs 10g) in box