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100% brand and high quality.
High hardness and good toughness.
Durable and long-lasting.
Material: Body(High manganese steel), Strap(Polypropylene yarn), Toe cap(PA), Anti-balling board(GPU-AA), Belt buckles(Manganese steel).
Temperature range: Between -25 degrees to 60 degrees.
Size: The largest size can be extended to Euro 50.

1. Adjust to the fittest size:  crampons slightly shorter than the boots 3 ~ 5mm.(Adjusting the nut below the body to make the best size)
2. Check the crampons before climbing, in case of nut or straps loosing.
3. Tied again after testing a few steps.
4. Use a file when need griding, do not use a machine to grid that steel may change due to high temperature.
5. Keep it clean and dry when put in bag.
6. Wearing crampons on rock or hard road will do harm to the crampons, please check the condition frequently.
1. Be sure to carry with the wrench when using the crampons, in case of nut loosing.
2. Only suitable for using below the altitude of 2000 meters on flat road or icy or snow road.
Package Inculded:
1 x Pair of Crampon
1 x Wrench
1 x Bag

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