Mediterranean Style Welcome Aboard Decorative Life Buoy Home Decor


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This life buoy is of strong Mediterranean Sea amorous feelings.
Giving you a unique lazy and romance mood,feels like lying on the sea enjoying the sun.
Very great for Hotel,Guesthouse,Cafe,Bookshop,Home,Restaurant, ect.
Exquisite cotton material , comfortable,also a good toy for kids.
Material: Cotton rope, Cloth,Bubble
Color: Red, Blue 
Diameter: 14cm/ 20cm/25cm/35cm/45cm
Package Includes: 
1 x Decoration Life Buoy

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Color&Size Blue 14cm, Color&Size Blue 20cm (+US$2.00), Color&Size Blue 25cm (+US$4.00), Color&Size Blue 35cm (+US$9.00), Color&Size Red 14cm, Color&Size Red 20cm (+US$2.00), Color&Size Red 25cm (+US$4.00), Color&Size Red 35cm (+US$9.00)