Outdoor Survival 7 in 1 multi-function Compass Whistle


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Outdoor Survival 7 in 1 multi-function Compass Whistle

Prodcut name:
7 in 1 compass
Material: ABS high strength cast high temperature resistant engineering materials
Weight: 70g
Size Length: 9.7CM
Size dia: 2.8cm    
Color: army green
Condition: Brand New Without Tags
Occasion: Casual    

nylon hang rope (carry more convenient)
1.standard military regulations high decibel survival tower
2.The compass: more precise and clearness
3.high accurate thermometer
4.survival reflective signal mirror (the use of sunlight reflection principle to search and rescue personnel to explain your current position)
5.to use the theory of  reflection the magnifier is absolutely a great choice to make fire
6.LED flashlight has a longlife about 10000 hours
7.gas-tight silo (before you go out please write your name,adress,phone number and your blood type in oder to let the ambulance man to learn the situation at the first time.)

Package Included:
1 x LED flashlight
1 x Compass
1 x Whistle
1 x Reflective mirror
1 x thermometer
1 x magnifier