Outdoor Survival Camping Insulated Survival Mat 210cm x 160cm


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Outdoor Survival Camping Insulated Survival Mat 210cm x 160cm

Have you ever been in an emergency situation outdoors? Terrible things can happen if you get stranded. Hot and cold weather can play tricks on your mind as well as be fatal to the human body. Don't break yourself down on your outings, and follow the scout’s motto “Be Prepared”. This blanket is a necessity for any outdoorsmen. Its gold side will absorb heat in cold weather while the silver side will reflect heat, allowing you to be comfortable in all weather conditions. But there is more these blankets are also great for transporting frozen foods over a distance locking in the cold to keep them frozen and fresh tasting.

Aluminised thermal mat made of PET with light insulation
Ideal for backpacking or low-weight camping
Provides insulation from cold and/or damp floor
Golden color surface able to absorbs sunlight heat for cold winter
Silver color surface able to reflects sunlight for hot summer
Perfect for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking

Dimensions: 82.68 in x 62.99 in x 0.00 in (210.0 cm x 160.0 cm x 0.0 cm)
Weight: 2.12 oz (60 g)

Package Included:
1X Insulated Survival Mat